Insinuation in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Insinuation

a suggestion or hint that is usually indirect and negative in nature

Examples of Insinuation in a sentence

The innocent suspect was insulted by the officer’s insinuation that he had committed the horrible crimes. đź”Š

Although he never said his brother was a crook, Brian’s insinuation put the thought in the minds of others. đź”Š

Ginger was offended by her husband’s insinuation that she should lose weight when getting her a gym membership. đź”Š

The insinuation that the banker was stealing money was a considerable accusation that had to be backed up by facts and proof.  đź”Š

Ruling that the attorney’s insinuation as inadmissible, the judge reminded the lawyer that only real facts and not silly accusations could be mentioned.  đź”Š

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