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Definition of Condescending

showing that you are more important than others

Examples of Condescending in a sentence

Rick said this condescending remark at work today: "I'm better than all of you!"

You make me feel worthless with your condescending attitude.

Because Judith talked down on others, her peers viewed her as a rude and condescending woman.

You are condescending to believe that men deserve more rights than females.

A condescending little brat walked into daycare today and called all of the kids a "Loser!"

Joan needs to take her condescending attitude elsewhere and realize that she is not queen of the world.

The arrogant boss spoke to his employees in a condescending manner.

Though he was not superior to everyone else in the room, Adam would still talk in a condescending way.

Your condescending words belittle people!

Saying that I won't amount to much is cruel and condescending.

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