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Definition of Digress

not staying on topic; to go off on a tangent

Examples of Digress in a sentence

Because abortion is difficult for me to talk about, I will digress from this topic.

If you get emotional talking about your father, then you may digress.

You digress to avoid talking about the real problem!

I need you to stay on subject and not digress!

Every time we asked about Jane's father, she would give me a bogus answer and digress onto something else.

As your new class president, I will end homework, lower student crime, and mandate hours of recess, but I digress.

Jerry would digress every time his parents asked for his report card.

During our debate on religion, Tim would often digress onto a separate rant on oil consumption.

I cannot have you digress when I ask for a specific answer.

From this point I digress, because having a rational debate with you is like bringing back the dead.

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