Dubious in a sentence

10 example sentences for Dubious

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Dubious - Definition

»  causing doubt

Use Dubious in a sentence

  • I had the feeling Charlie’s dubious plan would never work.

  • When questioned about the night of the murder, the suspect's memory was dubious.

  • The teacher was dubious of Johnny’s homework excuse.

  • In spite of her dubious ancestry, the con artist continued to claim her parents were of noble birth.

  • How many times must I warn you about opening dubious emails?

  • His essay contained dubious facts.

  • Even after hearing her husband’s story, Mary was still dubious about his whereabouts.

  • The suspect’s alibi seemed dubious to the police.

  • Because Larry had a drinking problem, I was dubious about going to a bar with him.

  • In such a crazy world, it is hard not to be dubious of a stranger’s intentions.

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Dubious Synonyms

doubtful, questionable, untrustworthy, hesitant, uncertain, unreliable, suspicious

Dubious Antonyms

trustworthy, reliable, certain, sure, definite

Related Forms

dubiously (adverb), dubiousness (noun)

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