Duplicity in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Duplicity

dishonest behavior that is intended to trick someone

Examples of Duplicity in a sentence

Most politicians use duplicity to deceive voters just long enough to get their votes.  🔊

Although the swindler used duplicity to trick his victims, he never physically harmed anyone.  🔊

The media revealed the police captain’s duplicity in the case of the stolen drug money.  🔊

Because Amanda is such a good liar, it is always hard to recognize her duplicity.  🔊

The greedy accountant used financial duplicity to embezzle money from his clients.  🔊

When the soldier betrayed his country, his duplicity gave the entire military a bad name.  🔊

Many people suspect the attractive young woman used duplicity to get the elderly man to include her in his will.  🔊

Even though the robbers were supposed to be working as a team, each one used duplicity to try and steal from the others.  🔊

You could look at the convict and tell he had no problem using duplicity to get whatever he wanted.  🔊

Because of the counterfeiter’s duplicity, the bank lost several million dollars.  🔊

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