Duplicity in a Sentence

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Definition of Duplicity

dishonest behavior that is intended to trick someone

Use Duplicity in a sentence

  1. Most politicians use duplicity to deceive voters just long enough to get their votes.

  2. Although the swindler used duplicity to trick his victims, he never physically harmed anyone.

  3. The media revealed the police captain’s duplicity in the case of the stolen drug money.

  4. Because Amanda is such a good liar, it is always hard to recognize her duplicity.

  5. The greedy accountant used financial duplicity to embezzle money from his clients.

  6. When the soldier betrayed his country, his duplicity gave the entire military a bad name.

  7. Many people suspect the attractive young woman used duplicity to get the elderly man to include her in his will.

  8. Even though the robbers were supposed to be working as a team, each one used duplicity to try and steal from the others.

  9. You could look at the convict and tell he had no problem using duplicity to get whatever he wanted.

  10. Because of the counterfeiter’s duplicity, the bank lost several million dollars.

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Duplicity synonyms

deceit, deception, double-dealing, trickery, fraud, dishonesty, cheating, falsehood, crookedness, underhandedness

Duplicity antonyms

honesty, candor, forthrightness, truthfulness, sincerity, trustworthiness, reliability