Enervate in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Enervate

to deprive of force or strength; weaken

Examples of Enervate in a sentence

The wrestler's plan was to deliver a crushing blow which would enervate his opponent. 🔊

Because he is much heavier than me, the only way for me to enervate him is by putting a sleeping pill in his food.  🔊

The alcohol appeared to enervate Jason's ability to focus at work. 🔊

If the hurricane comes near the city, the winds may enervate the flood walls and cause them to crumble.  🔊

The bullet wound did not enervate the suspect enough to slow him down during the chase.  🔊

When Kyle died, nobody missed him because he was a bully who liked to enervate women by hitting them.  🔊

The general devised an attack to enervate and conquer his enemy.  🔊

When the soldiers put dynamite under the bridge, they hoped it would enervate the foundation to the point of collapse.  🔊

It was the evil stepmother's intention to enervate her stepdaughter by denying her food and water.  🔊

The wolf's plan of attack was to enervate the buffalo and kill it.  🔊

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