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Definition of Impetuous

acting without thinking—done impulsively; sudden decision

Examples of Impetuous in a sentence

His impetuous behavior landed him in prison.

Because James is only seventeen, he tends to be impetuous at times.

Marrying someone you hardly know is an impetuous decision!

While I may have been impetuous as a teenager, I have become a patient adult.

It is easy to be impetuous when you want something really badly!

After she joined the army, Sarah was less impetuous.

Even though Warren was rumored to be impetuous, he actually put a great deal of thought into making important decisions.

The author describes the heroine as an impetuous young woman who would do anything to become famous.

When Constance drank too much, she made impetuous choices which often got her into trouble.

We made an impetuous decision to go swimming in the lake in December.

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