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Definition of Intransigent


Examples of Intransigent in a sentence

Even though the divorce proceedings should be over, they are still dragging on because of the intransigent parties involved.

People have a hard time getting along with Ben because he is such an intransigent leader.

When it comes to the safety of my children, I must always take an intransigent position to protect them.

Jason has an intransigent nature which makes it very hard for him to find a good restaurant.

Because my father is usually intransigent, he rarely lets my mother have her way.

If the politicians do not change their intransigent attitudes, they will not pass any bills during this session.

Since Harvey can make a lot of money on this deal, I do not understand why he is being so intransigent on the contract terms.

Nobody wants to work in a group with Jack because he is intransigent and unwilling to be a team player.

When it came to their willingness to extend my curfew, my parents were intransigent and would not budge.

My atheist neighbor is intransigent and unwilling to listen to my Christian views.

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