Vex in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Vex

to bring trouble, distress, or agitation to

Examples of Vex in a sentence

I get irritated when people go out of their way to vex me with their small problems. 🔊

If you attempt to vex the dog by pulling his tail, he is sure to bite you!  🔊

The job of the government is to eliminate the problems which vex our country. 🔊

Because you are having a bad day, do not assume the entire world is out to vex you.  🔊

Sometimes, my teenage daughter deliberately plays her music loud to vex her younger brother.  🔊

Please accept my apology because I did not mean to vex you with my words.  🔊

When I am angry, I say things simply to vex my husband.  🔊

The sound of a fly buzzing near my ear is something that can vex me to no end.  🔊

Although my neighbors and I normally get along well, they do on occasion vex me with their late-night parties.  🔊

Linda has vowed to not let the sight of her ex-husband vex her at the party.  🔊

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