Laborious in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Laborious

something requiring much physical or mental effort

Examples of Laborious in a sentence

When you just start exercising it may seem laborious, but over time it gets easier. 🔊

He knew that his final exam would require countless hours of laborious study. 🔊

After hours of laborious research, the doctor was able to effectively diagnose his patient. 🔊

I hired this specific carpenter because of his laborious attention to detail. 🔊

When he agreed to help his friend move, he had not realized how laborious it would be. 🔊

Moving the oversized couch proved to be very laborious. 🔊

Searching for a home can be extremely laborious, often requiring months to find the right fit. 🔊

Dealing with a five year old boy is often laborious and exhausting. 🔊

Sometimes the most laborious work is the least rewarding work. 🔊

Though paying a mechanic is expensive, fixing a car yourself is often too laborious. 🔊

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