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Misnomer - Definition

»  a name or description that is incorrect or inappropriate

Use Misnomer in a sentence

  • Since Fred is very skinny, calling him Fat Fred is indeed a misnomer.

  • The foreigner found it difficult to understand the local misnomer which described a bar as a watering hole.

  • Because my grandmother had a habit of saying inappropriate things, it was not surprising to hear one misnomer after another coming out of her mouth.

  • The name she chose made no sense to anyone so we could only assume it was a misnomer.

  • All too often, a scientist will make use of a temporary misnomer to describe an unknown element.

  • Calling that sad movie a comedy is a huge misnomer because the film makes people cry rather than laugh.

  • No one can understand why my aunt has given her friendly dog the misnomer of Killer.

  • Although there was a misnomer in the contract, the judge still said the terms were legal and binding.

  • Labeling the product as low-fat is a bit of a misnomer because the item’s actual fat content is really quite high.

  • Naming a horse Lightning after it has lost six consecutive races is a huge misnomer.

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