Pejorative in a Sentence

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Definition of Pejorative

expressing disapproval or belittling the importance of something

Use Pejorative in a sentence

  1. While the detective was supposed to be neutral, he described the suspect in a pejorative manner.

  2. A pejorative remark usually brings about an angry response from the listener.

  3. Although the writer meant to be kind, his words implied a pejorative point of view.

  4. With your pejorative criticism, you have succeeded in making me dislike you!

  5. Even though I had a good explanation for my lateness, my employer still described my conduct in a pejorative way.

  6. Rather than behave like a responsible adult, the woman spoke in a pejorative tone to the small child.

  7. His pejorative statement created a division between the two groups.

  8. While the movie critic made pejorative comments about the film’s plot, he praised the lead actor.

  9. Since his tone is always so pejorative, it is not surprising he does not have any friends!

  10. If you make pejorative remarks in front of your customers, it is highly likely they will not return to your business.

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Pejorative synonyms

belittling, degrade, demean, scorn, disparage

Pejorative antonyms

praising, approving, applauding, kindhearted, warmhearted