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Definition of Proclivity

a natural inclination or tendency to act a certain way

Examples of Proclivity in a sentence

As a young child, the award-winning singer had a proclivity for music.

His proclivity for cooking made him a big hit in the homeowner’s association.

It is the proclivity of the gas companies to raise prices when demand is high.

If you cannot say anything else about her, you can certainly say she has a proclivity for drama!

While Franklin had overcome his gambling problem, he could not get past his proclivity to drink.

Your proclivity to only remember your side of the story is amazing!

Although Lawrence admired his girlfriend’s proclivity for trying new foods, he did not follow her lead and eat a grasshopper.

Because of her proclivity to wear unusual clothes, Tara was often a target of bullies.

Since the basketball player had a proclivity to play well at crunch time, the coach kept him on the bench until the fourth quarter.

The lawyer used his proclivity for exaggeration to pull the jury over to his side.

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