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10 example sentences for Proclivity

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Proclivity - Definition

»  a natural inclination or tendency to act a certain way

Use Proclivity in a sentence

  • As a young child, the award-winning singer had a proclivity for music.

  • His proclivity for cooking made him a big hit in the homeowner’s association.

  • It is the proclivity of the gas companies to raise prices when demand is high.

  • If you cannot say anything else about her, you can certainly say she has a proclivity for drama!

  • While Franklin had overcome his gambling problem, he could not get past his proclivity to drink.

  • Your proclivity to only remember your side of the story is amazing!

  • Although Lawrence admired his girlfriend’s proclivity for trying new foods, he did not follow her lead and eat a grasshopper.

  • Because of her proclivity to wear unusual clothes, Tara was often a target of bullies.

  • Since the basketball player had a proclivity to play well at crunch time, the coach kept him on the bench until the fourth quarter.

  • The lawyer used his proclivity for exaggeration to pull the jury over to his side.

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Proclivity Synonyms

tendency, inclination, propensity, aptitude, bias

Proclivity Antonyms

antipathy, disinclination, distaste, aversion, reluctance

Related Forms

proclivities (noun)

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