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Replete - Definition

»  having much or plenty of something

Use Replete in a sentence

  • History is replete with examples of the dangers of war.

  • Although the lemonade was replete with sugar and water, it still had a bitter taste.

  • The twelve bedroom house is replete with five bedrooms.

  • If you do not download the new version of the software, your computer will be replete with error messages.

  • I received a low score on my essay because the paper was replete with mistakes.

  • Even though the cake was replete with chocolate frosting and nuts, I still did not like the taste of it.

  • Because the museum is replete with valuable paintings, it is guarded twenty-four hours a day.

  • Nobody believed the witness because her testimony was replete with lies.

  • Although the author’s fables are replete with lessons for young people, they are not very entertaining stories.

  • These days the most popular books are replete with supernatural creatures.

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Replete Synonyms

filled, overflowing, loaded, packed, brimming, crowded

Replete Antonyms

empty, lacking, incomplete

Related Forms

repletely (adverb), repleteness (noun)

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