Subterfuge in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Subterfuge

trickery or deceit used to manipulate or achieve one’s goals

Examples of Subterfuge in a sentence

Pinocchio’s lies and subterfuge caused his nose to grow longer and longer.  🔊

The prisoners resorted to subterfuge, tricking the guards into letting them out of their cells.  🔊

Full of trickery, the sly foxed used his subterfuge to sneak his way into the chicken coop.  🔊

Subterfuge led by the deceitful media caused everyday people to be confused.  🔊

During the war, the traitor’s subterfuge caused his home country to lose an important battle.  🔊

From now on, he will no longer subterfuge to his family and instead focus on living an honest lifestyle.  🔊

If you don't want to be involved with the subterfuge, tell the truth.  🔊

Done with the subterfuge, Kevin is going to come clean about his drug addiction.  🔊

Teachers who rig tests are playing a role in the ever-growing subterfuge in the classroom.  🔊

Magazines partake in subterfuge by photoshopping models to look vastly thinner.  🔊

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