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Definition of Vicissitude

a change of circumstances or fortune, typically one that is unwelcome or unpleasant.

Examples of Vicissitude in a sentence

The parental vicissitude I currently have is trying to pay child support for six children.

My vicissitude in college was tackling seven classes and a job.

Though he had many vicissitudes in life, nothing would stop him from becoming an entrepreneur.

Some say that we must go through the vicissitudes in life to become a stronger person.

I love my annoying little brother, but we do have our vicissitudes.

Americans will have their financial vicissitudes in a recession.

Dealing with traffic is a vicissitude of city life.

Against all physical vicissitudes, he still won first place in the 5K run.

One vicissitude of owning a cat is that they shed hair everywhere.

Her vicissitudes in life made it a challenge to finish high school.

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