Tamper in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Tamper

to interfere with something with the intent to damage it or make unauthorized changes to it

Examples of Tamper in a sentence

The saboteur had a special mission to tamper with the enemy’s vehicles before their morning deployment, so they wouldn’t be operable.  🔊

I am going to tamper with the thermometer at home because I am cold, even though my father is not fond of changing it.  🔊

If you want to tamper with a system that you are not allowed to touch, you will have to sneak past authority in the area.  🔊

It is illegal to tamper with the property of another person, such as painting a fence that is on their property.  🔊

If you are allowed to mess with a computer everything is fine, but if you are prohibited you cannot tamper with it without repercussions.  🔊

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