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Volatile - Definition

»  tending to erupt in violence; easily aroused

Use Volatile in a sentence

  • Because Mary and Frank have a volatile relationship, they often argue.

  • Sending the police inside will only make the hostage situation more volatile.

  • If Mark is not careful while driving the gasoline truck, he could create a volatile environment for his fellow drivers.

  • The couple’s volatile marriage ended with one of their murders.

  • Easily annoyed, the volatile old man often yelled at the neighborhood kids.

  • Law enforcement officers are taught how to survive in volatile environments.

  • When put together, the two chemicals form a volatile mixture capable of destroying a huge building.

  • Because I do not hold my tongue for anyone, many people accuse me of having a volatile temper.

  • Even though the two countries have agreed to a treaty, there is still a volatile tension between them.

  • After the police chief heard the peaceful protest might become volatile, he sent fifty of his officers to observe the scene.

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