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Definition of Abstruse

difficult to understand

Examples of Abstruse in a sentence

Some of the classic novels are too abstruse for beginning readers to understand. 🔊

Because I am not a computer programmer, I find most programming languages abstruse.  🔊

Most of the medical research on the subject seems abstruse to the average man. 🔊

While I could understand a little of the contract, the majority of the legal text was abstruse to me.  🔊

When my uncle talks too fast, he can be quite abstruse.  🔊

My professor said my lengthy thesis statement was abstruse and puzzling.  🔊

If you come across a term which is abstruse, you can always use a dictionary to review the word’s meaning.  🔊

I found the politician’s argument for gun control abstruse and confusing.  🔊

Because the assembly instructions were abstruse, I was unable to put the shelf together.  🔊

Some of the math students found the abstruse concept hard to comprehend.  🔊

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