Coherent in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Coherent

logical and clear

Examples of Coherent in a sentence

If you can’t give a more coherent explanation of why you didn’t come home until 4 A.M., I will have to assume you were up to no good.  🔊

Because I never seem to produce a coherent thought when I’m taking allergy medication, I try not to take any if I have something important to do.  🔊

When the driver could neither walk in a straight line nor give a coherent answer to the policeman’s questions, he got a free ride to the station.  🔊

With its well-rounded characters and fast-paced, coherent plot, this novel is an excellent read.  🔊

After Stella was attacked, she was so distraught that she wasn’t able to give a coherent description of her attacker.  🔊

This poet has a style that makes his work more coherent than most poetry that I’ve read lately.  🔊

Since Beverly was so angry that she was unable to make a coherent argument, her husband triumphantly led the St. Bernard puppy through the front door.  🔊

Even though Jackie’s tongue had swollen to twice its size because of something she ate, she still managed to keep up a coherent conversation.  🔊

If you can’t explain this concept in a more coherent way, I will never be able to understand it.  🔊

If Bill hadn’t hired such a good freelancer to transcribe and edit his recorded ramblings, his book would never have been so coherent and professional.  🔊

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