Allege in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Allege

to claim without evidence

Examples of Allege in a sentence

1. In the lawsuit, the parents allege the school system failed to protect their daughter from bullies. 🔉

2. How can you allege the airline injured your back when you have never been anywhere near an airport? 🔉

3. During the divorce proceedings, Jane will allege her husband mistreated her so she can get custody of her children.  🔉

4. The prosecutor will allege you were involved in your husband’s murder because of the large insurance settlement you received. 🔉

5. As I watched the politician’s commercial, I realized he was attempting to allege his opponent was a racist. 🔉

6. Now a number of women are trying to allege the wealthy actor sexually assaulted them.  🔉

7. The millionaire’s greedy children will allege he is insane in order to control his estate. 🔉

8. Since my father does not like my new boyfriend, Erik, he called the police and attempted to allege Erik was a drug dealer.  🔉

9. The prosecutor was shocked when he heard the defense attorney allege the victim’s spouse was responsible for the crime and not the defendant.  🔉

10. Without any evidence, the government can only allege the militants are behind the bombing.  🔉

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