Approbation in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Approbation

to gain approval

Examples of Approbation in a sentence

I need to write a powerful resume to gain approbation from an employor. 🔊

The crowd was filled with approbation when #56 scored a touchdown. 🔊

With my mother's approbation, I can sleep over at your house. 🔊

You cannot take prescription medication without doctor's approbation. 🔊

Going on the field trip is out of the question unless you get your parents approbation. 🔊

Seek approbation from your boss before taking a two hour lunch next time. 🔊

Kimmy wrongfully sought approbation from young peers by engaging in underage drinking. 🔊

You would get more approbation from professionals if you didn't have tattoos running up and down your arms. 🔊

City Commissioners have a difficult time winning the approbation of voters in this town. 🔊

If you want to win the approbation of a girl, put on some deodorant. 🔊

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