Assignation in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Assignation

an appointment or date to meet someone in secret, typically between lovers

Examples of Assignation in a sentence

I had an assignation with my girlfriend yesterday, the two of us sneaking out into town so our parents wouldn’t know what we were doing.  🔊

Romeo and Juliet had an assignation with one another, meeting in secret to avoid arousing the suspicions of their rival families.  🔊

The spy had an assignation with his handler while in enemy territory, meeting with the man beneath the sewers to avoid detection from the enemy.  🔊

The assignation between the two lovers was carried out in the woods where no one would know about it.  🔊

If you choose to meet someone in secret, you should set the location for your assignation in a place that no one will be suspicious of.  🔊

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