Mollycoddle in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Mollycoddle

to handle someone or something in a shielding or indulging way

Examples of Mollycoddle in a sentence

Since the elderly woman only lived with her poodle, she would mollycoddle the dog by providing him with expensive dog treats and a bed fit for a king.  🔊

The older sister would always mollycoddle her younger brother by never letting him out of her sight.  🔊

I wanted to throw up when I saw a woman mollycoddle her boyfriend with baby talk and caress his cheek.  🔊

By spoiling his wife with weekly massages and daily breakfast in bed, the man would mollycoddle his wife to make her happy.  🔊

The 10-year old boy was deemed a “mama’s boy” because his mother would mollycoddle him in front of his friends.  🔊

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