Boldness in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Boldness

being courageous or daring

Examples of Boldness in a sentence

Attempting to answer every question in front of his snickering peers even though the teenage boy was wrong some of the time revealed his boldness to the class. 🔊

To enter the burning building that was about to collapse, the firefighter’s boldness was evident and respected when he went to retrieve the two children inside. 🔊

Confronting an animal that is twice the size and more dangerous than itself, it takes a lion’s boldness to do this encounter. 🔊

The teacher witnessed her new student’s boldness when he yelled and insulted the teacher to her face. 🔊

Knowing the plaintiff could prove her case with damaging text messages, the defendant purposefully lied to the judge due to his boldness. 🔊

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