Cessation in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Cessation

the termination of something

Examples of Cessation in a sentence

The arrival of several police cruisers brought a quick cessation to the gang fight. 🔊

Because of the cessation of outdoor privileges after the riot, the prisoners have been stuck in their cells for twenty-two hours a day. 🔊

Because my daughter engaged in inappropriate conversations online, she is now experiencing the cessation of her Internet privileges. 🔊

Since the bad weather has caused a temporary building cessation, the office building will not be completed on time. 🔊

The principal believes the cessation of the school dress code will open the door for inappropriate behavior. 🔊

Until management agrees to a pay raise, the employees have promised there will not be a cessation of their protests. 🔊

The budget cuts have brought about a cessation of all nonessential activities in schools. 🔊

The cessation of the war will save the lives of millions. 🔊

My boss called me in his office to announce the cessation of my job and to give me my compensation package. 🔊

During the temporary cessation of hostilities between the two nations, a mediator will work with the country leaders to draft a peace treaty. 🔊

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