Denigrate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Denigrate

to assault someone’s character or reputation

Examples of Denigrate in a sentence

Bullies often denigrate others to hide their own feelings of worthlessness.  🔊

You should not denigrate other people unless you want individuals to attack your reputation in retaliation.  🔊

I would never succeed in the corporate world because I could never denigrate others in order to move ahead in business.  🔊

Because Kate is jealous of Marie’s popularity with the boys, she often attempts to denigrate Marie by spreading false rumors.  🔊

The editor wrote her latest column to denigrate the actor who criticized her literary skills.  🔊

To highlight her own assets, Kelly will sometimes denigrate her coworkers in front of the boss.  🔊

On the talk show, the mean host usually tries to denigrate her guests by reminding them of their misdeeds.  🔊

During the election, the crooked politician did everything in his power to denigrate his rival.  🔊

Cate’s ex-boyfriend tried to denigrate her when she broke up with him.  🔊

While I do not want to denigrate my colleague’s ability, I cannot let him give our customer poor work.  🔊

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