Contradistinction in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Contradistinction

distinguishing things by noting the contrasts or differences in them

Examples of Contradistinction in a sentence

The human mind is notorious for using contradistinction, often distinguishing people and objects by the difference they bear to others. 🔊

There are many games in newspapers and comics where you are supposed to use contradistinction to tell the difference in two mostly similar images. 🔊

We often identify people and places using contradistinction, noting them for how they are different from one another. 🔊

When it comes to identical twins, using contradistinction as far as their personalities are concerned is critical to telling them apart. 🔊

Dog breeds are most commonly differentiated by contradistinction, in which people note their differences more often than their similarities. 🔊

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