Political efficacy in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Political efficacy

the confidence the citizens have in their influence in their government

Examples of Political efficacy in a sentence

Due to our political efficacy, we have faith that we will help shape the laws that are instituted in our country.  🔊

“If you truly believe in political efficacy, then write your congressman to have the laws changed,” the company’s leader told the whistleblower.  🔊

Under the falsehood of political efficacy, many of the country’s citizens were brainwashed into believing that the dictator cared about their beliefs in how the country should be run.  🔊

Because he doesn’t believe that the people can actually influence politics, Andrew’s political efficacy stopped him from voting during elections.  🔊

The protesters believed in political efficacy and insisted that their demonstrations to persuade the government to stop unsafe oil drilling.  🔊

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