Desist in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Desist

to stop doing something

Examples of Desist in a sentence

The document from the court orders the magazine to desist from publishing false stories about the actor. 🔊

Because of the copyright violation, my lawyer sent a cease and desist letter to the company that was publishing my work without permission.  🔊

A scared dog uses his bark to encourage strangers to desist from coming into his territory. 🔊

Since the condominium association has no police authority, it can only ask residents to desist from breaking the rules.  🔊

The doctor told the elderly man to desist from smoking.  🔊

On Christmas Day, the two sides agreed to desist from fighting for twenty-four hours.  🔊

The country’s leader warned the Western nation to desist from interfering in international conflicts or face nuclear consequences.  🔊

If our neighbor had a sense of decency, he would desist from walking around naked in his front yard.  🔊

Please desist from having loud parties after midnight!  🔊

At the last second, the governor’s office called and told the warden to desist from performing the execution.  🔊

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