Disincentive in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Disincentive

a factor that discourages people from acting or doing something

Examples of Disincentive in a sentence

Punishments serve as a disincentive, attempting to deter people from doing things they shouldn’t.  🔊

Prison exists as a disincentive to commit crime, by providing a severe punishments for those who break the law.  🔊

While punishments are usually used as disincentives, you could technically use a reward as a disincentive as well, giving someone something for not taking action.  🔊

In ancient times, executions served as a disincentive for those who would dare speak out against the powers that be.  🔊

Before welfare existed, absolute poverty and homelessness served as the largest disincentive for people to not work for survival.  🔊

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