Desultory in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Desultory

not having a plan or purpose

Examples of Desultory in a sentence

Disgusted by his last place finish, the runner moved in a desultory manner towards the yellow ribbon.  🔊

The students were confused by the teacher’s desultory lecture which seemed to have no real focus.  🔊

At the party, the unfriendly boy made desultory conversation with a few of the other children.  🔊

The couple’s divorce came as no surprise because everyone knew their marriage was only a desultory arrangement.  🔊

Because he was not happy with his pay increase, James made only a desultory effort to complete his duties at work.  🔊

The committee meetings are desultory in practice because they generally have no real purpose other than as a social gathering.  🔊

Since my grandmother suffers from a brain disorder, she often speaks in a desultory tone which comes across as unorganized.  🔊

Because Janice was not a football fan, she showed only a desultory interest in the game.  🔊

When I complain about the messy condition of my daughter’s bedroom, she usually makes a desultory attempt to tidy up her space.  🔊

After losing the big game, we could only give our opponents a desultory cheer.  🔊

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