Devoid in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Devoid

entirely lacking; empty

Examples of Devoid in a sentence

If I spend my last few dollars, my wallet will be devoid of cash.  🔊

We need rainfall or the lake will be devoid of water.  🔊

Devoid of motivation, the man gave up on his desire to lose weight.  🔊

Ted blankly stared at the wall, devoid of emotion.  🔊

Devoid of work ethic, Carmen plagiarized her research paper.  🔊

Potato chips are devoid of nutritional value.  🔊

Devoid of love for each other, the married couple divorced.  🔊

Nobody laughed because your jokes are devoid of humor.  🔊

With a devoid of interest for children, Michelle knew that babysitting would not be a job possibility.  🔊

Devoid of reading material at home, Mary decided to read at the library.  🔊

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