Eponym in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Eponym

a term derived from an individual or thing related to it or to the person who created a specific thing

Examples of Eponym in a sentence

The word “sandwich” is an eponym linked to the first person said to have requested the item, the Earl of Sandwich. 🔊

Because Caesar Cardini put together the first Caesar salad, he is credited with being the eponym of the dish. 🔊

The term “eponym” hails from the Greek word “eponymos” which can be translated into English as “name giving or giving name.” 🔊

When the chef titled the dish after his favorite actor, he used the actor’s name as an eponym. 🔊

The nutritional ideas of Robert Atkins were published and used under the eponym, the Atkins Diet. 🔊

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