Mortify in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Mortify

to put someone in the position of being embarrassed

Examples of Mortify in a sentence

If my mother picks me up from school in her pajamas, she will mortify me in front of my friends.  🔊

I am certain my sister meant to mortify me when she showed my date my baby pictures!  🔊

Because Janice was angry with her parents, she got drunk and tried to mortify them by dancing on the cake table at their Christmas party.  🔊

I was shocked when my husband tried to mortify me by bringing his mistress to my birthday party.  🔊

By walking naked in your neighborhood, you have managed to mortify your entire family.  🔊

When my uncle does not take his medication, he is likely to mortify my aunt by talking to himself in public.  🔊

If Jared was trying to mortify his parents by yelling during the opera, he succeeded.  🔊

How could Alan mortify Carol by asking her for a divorce at their tenth anniversary party?  🔊

The class bully began to mortify the shy girl by making fun of her old clothes.  🔊

When Carl drinks too much, he has the tendency to mortify his wife by being overly loud at social events.  🔊

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