Vitiate in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Vitiate

to spoil, make faulty; to reduce the value, quality, or effectiveness of something

Examples of Vitiate in a sentence

When peers and bullies apply pressure, it can vitiate the moral character of young people and lead them down the wrong path. 🔊

Because of the obnoxious behavior of the defendant, the judge instructed the jury not to allow their personal feelings vitiate their objectivity in the case.  🔊

You made a good decision, so don’t vitiate it by boasting about your success. 🔊

While some public servants are found to be corrupt, it is impossible to vitiate the integrity of the majority of law enforcement officers by offering them a bribe.  🔊

After Bruno figured out how to set off the fire alarm in the gym, he schemed to vitiate the daily routine in the hope that the disruption would force his algebra teacher to postpone the test.  🔊

Compared to some of the older methods of harvesting resources, the new methods proposed by the team of grad students will never vitiate the existing state of affairs.  🔊

The defendant’s attorney used the profile presented by the psychologist to vitiate the circumstantial evidence against his client.  🔊

Even though we believe that nothing can vitiate a mother’s love, we still occasionally hear tragic stories about mothers harming their children.  🔊

We can’t allow that corporation to vitiate the purity of our drinking water by building a factory next to the river.  🔊

If you think that crossing your fingers behind your back is going to vitiate the promise you made, think again.  🔊

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