Immovable in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Immovable

unable to be moved

Examples of Immovable in a sentence

The bumbling robbers became quickly aware that the ATM machine was securely fixed to an immovable wall so that it could not be taken.  🔊

After loading the box with a large amount of heavy bricks, I soon realized that the immovable box would have to remain on the floor where it was filled.  🔊

My immovable joints were caused by the excessive exercise I had been doing, and I would only be able to freely walk after loosening them up.  🔊

When the small child saw a stranger coming towards her, the immovable child stared in shock at the approaching man.  🔊

Once the house was built on the foundation, it would remain immovable so Mom could not change her mind about the location.  🔊

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