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Definition of Crass

stupid, vulgar, insensitive

Examples of Crass in a sentence

If you don’t want to hear crass comments about the way you dress, don’t wear that outfit to the night club. 🔊

I wish he would realize that his racism and bigotry are based on crass stereotypes of people that are just as human as you and I. 🔊

While he considers his apartment well-furnished, his crass excessiveness goes way beyond the bounds of good taste. 🔊

The couple’s crass public display of affection led passersby to suggest to them that they get a room. 🔊

Some would argue that the hoarder phenomenon is related to crass materialism, but people who never throw anything away usually have some kind of underlying mental issues. 🔊

As a representation of the crazy things that people do, the Darwin Awards are a celebration of humankind’s crass stupidity. 🔊

If you’re going to be so crass as to crash a wedding that you haven’t been invited to, I’m going to pretend I don’t even know you. 🔊

Although free enterprise is a time-honored business tradition, it’s considered crass behavior to try and bargain for all goods and services. 🔊

Compared to his usual crass manners, his behavior tonight was rather pleasant. 🔊

It seems that you are likely to hear crass language just about everywhere you go these days. 🔊

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