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I realized it was an impolitic idea to talk on my cell phone and walk through a curvy path in the woods since I am aware of my clumsiness and no sense of direction. 🔊

An impolitic decision to text and drive a car at the same time is dangerous because texting could distract you and cause a severe accident. 🔊

When the deceased’s cousin wore a bright red outfit with a bright hot pink hat to the funeral, the rest of the family didn’t get upset but figured it was just the cousin’s impolitic way of getting attention. 🔊

It is not only an impolitic action to yell fire in a crowded theater, but it could also get you in trouble since it will could cause injuries. 🔊

While trying to make a joke at the serious job interview, it became apparent that the impolitic statement came across as an insult to the interviewer. 🔊

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