Hegemony in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Hegemony

the predominant influence of one group over another

Examples of Hegemony in a sentence

The president of the company has hegemony over his employees. 🔊

While I cannot tell my husband what to do, I do have some hegemony over his actions.  🔊

Because of the hegemony of the veteran congressmen, the political rookies found it hard to get a bill on the docket. 🔊

When the dictator was chased out of the country, his hegemony over the people came to an end.  🔊

Even though the United States continues to see itself as a global power, its hegemony in the world is fading.  🔊

As the leader of his church, the Pope has hegemony over millions of Roman Catholics.  🔊

My sister’s possessive boyfriend had a strange hegemony over her.  🔊

Because the gang leader’s hegemony was so strong, the gang members always did what they were told without question.  🔊

The musical icons are the individuals who will have a lasting hegemony over many generations of music lovers.  🔊

Although the principal has hegemony status over the students, she is a kind woman who treats all of the children as if they were her own.  🔊

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