Duress in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Duress

force or threats meant to make someone do something

Examples of Duress in a sentence

1. The judge overturned the case because the defendant’s attorney proved that his client’s confession had been given under duress. 🔉

2. The vet said Scampi was licking her nose because she was stressed out, but I didn’t think she had been under any duress. 🔉

3. I think Claire was under duress when she signed the agreement; she never would have voluntarily accepted those conditions. 🔉

4. There are plenty of stories of how people can suddenly acquire superhuman strength when under duress. 🔉

5. The mental duress of the unrelenting interrogation caused the suspect to break down sobbing. 🔉

6. An actor needs a thick skin in order to withstand the duress of one audition after another. 🔉

7. After her daughter’s long illness, the family was under economic duress, compelling the bank teller to steal a few large bills from the vault. 🔉

8. The severe duress of having an alcoholic father made Shelley leave home when she was only fifteen. 🔉

9. This attorney is not above placing a witness under duress to maintain his record for the most cases won. 🔉

10. Studies have shown that a person under duress experiences a drastic change in body chemistry. 🔉

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