Imperious in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Imperious

domineering; expecting ones' orders to be followed

Examples of Imperious in a sentence

The principal is an imperious woman who expects to be obeyed. 🔊

When Mark got promoted to the rank of captain, he became very imperious. 🔊

In an imperious tone, the police officer ordered the driver to step out of the car. 🔊

If my son thinks his imperious ways will be tolerated in my home, then he has a lot to learn! 🔊

The emergency room doctor was an imperious man who got angry if his instructions were not followed immediately. 🔊

Even though William is a prince in his country, he is not imperious and rarely commands others to do work for him. 🔊

The A-list actress has an imperious air and assumes everyone will heed her every whim. 🔊

Although I was sick, my imperious supervisor ordered me in to work. 🔊

Because Amy is an imperious person, she has the tendency to tell everyone what to do. 🔊

The imperious teacher expects her students to obey her every instruction. 🔊

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