Erudition in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Erudition

extensive knowledge learned from studying and research

Examples of Erudition in a sentence

Ken Jennings is a man of great erudition, having won first place on Jeopardy 75 consecutive times. 🔊

Because he values erudition, my grandfather sent all of his children to school to study. 🔊

People appreciate Albert Einstein's erudition for structuring many scientific theories. 🔊

The research project was intense and built erudition in the minds and hearts of the scientists. 🔊

Writing a 40-page research paper requires mega erudition as one or two book sources are not enough. 🔊

Interns gain erudition and a wealth of specialized knowledge during their time in medical school. 🔊

My attorney has a great deal of erudition in immigration law, but he knows very little about divorces. 🔊

Beneath their erudition, the well-educated women had a love for helping others gain knowledge as well. 🔊

I'd describe my grandmother as a woman of erudition because she reads books for hours everyday. 🔊

Linda would challenge Sebastian's erudition by asking him the most difficult questions. 🔊

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