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Definition of Virulent

extremely dangerous and deadly and usually spreading very quickly

Examples of Virulent in a sentence

Local law authorities investigated Mitchell after he was suspected of stealing a virulent disease that could kill millions of people. 🔊

When John got fired, he threatened to mail his boss a letter that contained a virulent chemical. 🔊

The firemen had to wear masks that would protect them from the virulent fumes. 🔊

Because the research team cannot identify the virus, they have sealed it off and are treating it as the most virulent substance on the planet. 🔊

Janet has a virulent flu strain and is being kept in isolation at the hospital. 🔊

Before vaccines became widespread, many people died from virulent diseases that quickly spread from one city to another. 🔊

The disease center does not know how to stop the spread of the virulent virus that has killed thousands in Europe. 🔊

If you get the most virulent form of cancer, you will probably not live longer than three months. 🔊

The infant did not survive the virulent spider bite. 🔊

In the movie, the spy almost died after being injected with the virulent poison. 🔊

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