Reconnaissance in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Reconnaissance

a survey or observation to gain information

Examples of Reconnaissance in a sentence

Because the reconnaissance team has discovered bombs up ahead, we will sleep here tonight and allow our explosives’ unit time to detonate the devices.  🔊

The football coach sent his assistant to his rival’s field to perform reconnaissance on the other team’s strategy.  🔊

With assistance from the aerial team, the police on the ground will conduct reconnaissance on the suspect.  🔊

Our government often sends reconnaissance drones into other countries to assess possible threats.  🔊

As part of a reconnaissance mission to collect information on the suspect, the police will send an undercover detective inside of the bar.  🔊

The scouts will travel ahead as a reconnaissance team in order to scope out the territory.  🔊

Ever since we made peace with our adjacent countries, we have stopped sending reconnaissance teams to spy at the borders.  🔊

Reconnaissance robots are the latest trends in technological surveillance.  🔊

In this particular case, the private detective’s assignment is to conduct a renaissance mission to see if the football player’s wife is having an extramarital affair.  🔊

Since the boys actually saw two naked girls through the cabin window, they viewed their reconnaissance operation as a total success.  🔊

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