Irremediable in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Irremediable

unable to be remedied, cured, corrected or repaired

Examples of Irremediable in a sentence

Bursting into tears, the young mother was appalled when she heard her baby had an irremediable disease which would cause severe pain for the rest of her life.  🔊

Once the spoiled girl reached her teenage years, the family knew it would be impossible to try to humble the irremediable girl.  🔊

With only two weeks until the end of the term, the college student decided to register again for the math class because he knew it was too late for his irremediable grade.  🔊

Since the home team was down 56 to 8, it was irremediable to try and stage a comeback now.  🔊

As I interviewed the illiterate 90-year old man, it seemed irremediable for the old man to learn to read at his age.  🔊

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