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Definition of Knell

an indication that something has come to a conclusion or an end

Examples of Knell in a sentence

Everyone took the company president’s resignation as the company’s knell of bankruptcy. 🔊

When Linda broke her spine, she knew the injury was the knell that represented the end of her skating career. 🔊

Marvin’s inability to stay faithful to his wife was an obvious knell his marriage would soon be dissolved. 🔊

For the older basketball player, the torn ligament in his knee was a knell he should no longer be on the court. 🔊

The Internet stands as a knell that the reign of print media has come to an end. 🔊

When the town enacted new building rules, the action was a knell that the construction of the new mall would be delayed. 🔊

Decreasing airline fares are a knell the popularity of bus and train travel will soon end. 🔊

Did you know the technology that enabled music downloads was a knell of the future decline of record album sales? 🔊

The doctor tells me the dramatic increase in my white blood cells is a knell my body is attempting to fight a bad infection. 🔊

Although the bell had acted as a knell to end class, I continued to work on my exam. 🔊

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