Denouement in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Denouement

the ending of a literary work, musical composition, or a sequence of actions

Examples of Denouement in a sentence

The film ended with a denouement that left the audience speechless. 🔊

Because the book’s denouement left some unanswered questions, the author is currently writing a sequel. 🔊

In a sad denouement to a perfect love story, the groom left the bride at the altar. 🔊

In the writer’s first novel, the denouement was abrupt and unbelievable and left readers wondering if the story even had an ending. 🔊

The play’s denouement saw the main character die tragically just before the curtain fell. 🔊

After being in the jury room for weeks, we were anxious for the denouement of the trial. 🔊

Julie often gazes at a book’s denouement to see if she likes the ending before reading the entire tale. 🔊

While I do not want to ruin the story for you, you should know the hero’s brother dies in the denouement. 🔊

After hearing the orchestra’s denouement of the evening’s final number, the audience stood and applauded. 🔊

As in all fairy tales, the boy and the girl become a couple at the denouement. 🔊

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