Fearsome in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Fearsome

frightening or scary

Examples of Fearsome in a sentence

Few creatures of the American forests are more fearsome than the Grizzly Bear, a hulking beast with massive teeth and claws.  🔊

There is nothing more fearsome than a good man that has been driven to violence by the actions of others.  🔊

I imagine that the roar of artillery fire was just as fearsome as the whistle of bullets to soldiers on the frontlines of World War One.  🔊

The dragon is likely the most fearsome creature to exist in all of ancient mythology, which is understandable considering its nature as a giant, flying, fire breathing dinosaur.  🔊

When people are asked to visualize a fearsome animal, chances are the image that comes to mind will be a vicious predator of some sort.  🔊

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