Tyranny in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Tyranny

excessively cruel use of power

Examples of Tyranny in a sentence

My mother divorced my father after enduring twenty years of tyranny.  🔊

Working together, the two countries hoped they could uproot the dictator and free the small nation from tyranny.  🔊

The emperor’s tyranny was responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people.  🔊

According to the president, the country will be free of tyranny once the unjust government is removed from power.  🔊

The judge removed the children from their home because of their mother’s tyranny.  🔊

During training, the brutal commanding officer used tyranny to keep the soldiers in line.  🔊

The tyranny of slavery did not end until our nation had fought a tragic internal war.  🔊

Before April turned twelve, she had acquired an eating disorder as a result of her mother’s tyranny and constant emotional abuse.  🔊

The warden was a kind man who did not allow his guards to abuse the prisoners through tyranny.  🔊

As long as the ruler controls his kingdom with tyranny, people will always live in fear.  🔊

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